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Back 'n' Cover is a collaborative community 💜 It's FREE and far from all the noise of Facebook.

Back 'n' Cover

What is Back 'n' Cover?

Back 'n' Cover is a collaborative community. If you are a designer, entrepreneur or someone who enjoys innovation, you will 💜 Back 'n' Cover. It's FREE and far from all the noise of Facebook. Now, for a limited time, you can enjoy benefits for First Generation Members.

👉 [[FREE Benefits to all First Generation Members]]👈

If you are or have a businesses, for a limited time: profile validation badge, featuring and virtual space for open innovation groups (Virtual Labs) so you can collaborate with your audience. If you are starting up with a new idea, we try to help... (More)

Bugatti Next-57 Futuristic Race Chariot Concept by Cong 'Every car sits somewhere on a spectrum ranging from utilitarianism to craftsmanship. Some cars are more utilitarian than others, other cars showcase a level of artistry that makes them truly stand out… the Bugatti Next-57, I’d argue, sits so far on the artistic end of the spectrum that it really pushes the boundaries of how beautiful a car could look. Created as an homage to the classic Bugatti 57, the Next-57 celebrates every inch of the vintage car by modernizing it, exaggerating it, and making it even more beautiful. The result? A... (More)
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Three Essential Keys To Crowdfunding Success:

1. Start with a great idea/product.
2. Build your crowdfunding tribe.
3. Present your company story or narrative.

Follow the link for full details.