58% of businesses are now using Open Innovation projects to help drive innovation. Now in Back ‘n’ Cover you too can experiment with Open Innovation using Labs. By creating a Lab you can invite your audience to participate in the creation of your projects. Get fan suggestions, exchange ideas or get feedback. Like musicians using Twitter to take fan suggestions regarding album titles, or businesses asking for feedback on their rebranding efforts.

Open Innovation can help to co-create some great stuff, such as Starbucks new beverages or the last Sonic movie from Paramount Pictures Some other companies doing the same are:

  1. BMW
  2. IKEA
  3. Coca-Cola
  4. Lego
  5. Heineken
  6. DHL
  7. Unilever
  8. Hitachi
  9. General Mills
  10. DeWalt

Here are some key takeaways to take advantage of Labs.

1. Be targeted and specific

Asking your audience a simple question like “what would you like to see more of?” can result in some great ideas.

2. Be transparent and trustworthy

Today people are better informed than ever before. They will see through any attempt to manipulate or exploit the process of collaboration.

3. Open Innovation can do more than just shape new products

You can go beyond single products. DHL, for example. With input from customers through its Innovation Centers, DHL has made changes to its core delivery systems, resulting in meaningful improvements to parcel delivery times. Not only is this more convenient for customers but it also saves a lot of money.

4. Motivate your participants

Nobody wants to give away their great ideas for free. A clear and strong incentive for participants is crucial. Your audience will want to take a shot at having their ideas recognized.

5.  With Labs you can build confidence and community

Beyond leading to nifty new products and process improvements, Open Innovation can also do a lot to build confidence in a brand, and create a sense of community amongst its fans.

Create a new Lab for your brand or project and start inviting people today! 🧪 

When people are able to connect with brands by participating in the creation of something new, they’re more likely to view the brand positively and to feel like they’re being listened to. This isn’t just great for building a community of fans, it also contributes to brand loyalty.

Here's how to create a new Lab

At the upper right corner of your screen: