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Back 'n' Cover

What is Back 'n' Cover?

Back 'n' Cover is a collaborative community. If you are a designer, entrepreneur or someone who enjoys innovation, you will πŸ’œ Back 'n' Cover. It's FREE and far from all the noise of Facebook. Now, for a limited time, you can enjoy benefits for First Generation Members.

πŸ‘‰ [[FREE Benefits to all First Generation Members]]πŸ‘ˆ

If you are or have a businesses, for a limited time: profile validation badge, featuring and virtual space for open innovation groups (Virtual Labs) so you can collaborate with your audience. If you are starting up with a new idea, we try to help... (More)

Use Back 'n' Cover Labs to create new stuff with the help of your audience πŸ™Œ

58% of businesses are now using Open Innovation projects to help drive innovation. Now in Back β€˜n’ Cover you too can experiment with Open Innovation using Labs. By creating a Lab you can invite your audience to participate in the creation of your projects. Get fan suggestions, exchange ideas or get feedback. Like musicians using Twitter to take fan suggestions regarding album titles, or businesses asking for feedback on their rebranding efforts.

Open Innovation can help to co-create some great stuff, such as Starbucks new beverages or the last Sonic movie from Paramount Pictures Some other companies doing the... (More)