Hi. First post here.
I love video games and I'm always watching news about the latest in this exciting world. Something that is drawing too much attention now is the situation with The Last of Us 2. A video game developed by the company Naughty Dog and a PlayStation exclusive. A lot of games come and go but this one in particular by being so popular and awaited by Sony and non-Sony fans alike, opens up to a wider base of critics. Is this game using the LGBT representation on their main characters mainly as a commercial strategy? Is this game's story so bad that it had to get a terrible userscore in Metacritic? What kind of gamer buy these kind of games? Did Naughty Dog fail on deliver the game their fans were expecting? I guess is a mix of several things. In my opinion, sometimes the final product has the needed quality to be good enough as the product that is intended to be, but that doesn't mean its fan or user base is gonna be happy. When we talk about games like this one, they rely heavily on their story. And if you decide to mess up with the characters, good graphics, music and game play, all of that won't matter.

Edit: I have something to add. It looks like the game is actually selling well despite all the controversy around it. Probably we should take in consideration that actually controversy on a product like this is a trigger for high sales. Maybe naughty Dog knew what they were doing...